4 benefits of doing a first look

4 Benefits of doing a First Look

If you’re wondering what a first look is, check out this s blog post What is a first look

Below are 4 benefits of doing a first look on your wedding day.

1.Really having time to soak in that special moment.

Being able to enjoy and savor that first moment of seeing each other on your wedding day.

There is no pressure to react and the moment rarely ends up what brides hope for. A Groom is more free to be himself and react in private as opposed to with an audience. A private first look makes it less of a show for the guests and more of a moment for the couple.

A first look allows for a quiet time alone to take it all in and reflect on what the day means to you before the day takes off. There is so much going on on your wedding day, it can be kind of a whirlwind.

2. Get to the Reception sooner.

Typically when not doing a first look a majority of the photos have to happen after the ceremony because it’s the easiest time to get everyone. Then the full wedding party photos, and then the bride and groom portrait. This generally runs well into cocktail hour. With a first Look your photographer will not be taking you away from your guests for two more hours of photos after the ceremony.


Doing a First Look opens up time before the ceremony for full wedding party photos, some bride and groom portraits and even family photos if you like.

This lets you not miss your whole cocktail hour and makes the rest of the night feel less rushed.


Another benefit of doing a First Look is Daylight. And that equals better photos.

Depending on what time of year a wedding is or how late the ceremony starts, a First Look enables you to have beautiful natural light photos while it is still light outside.  If there’s possibility for bad weather it gives more flexibility for choosing the best part of the day for portraits. If it’s pouring rain after your ceremony, a first look lets you have all those photos done earlier.

Also, for you cryers, with a first look you’ll be able to freshen up before the ceremony.


Getting to the Reception quickly. Having more time to spend with all the people who traveled to see you.

Couples spend so much on reception, wouldn’t they want to enjoy it as much as possible?


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