The best Chattanooga Wedding Planners and why you need one

Some of my favorite Chattanooga wedding planners:

Looking for a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer?

If this post already helped you find a top notch wedding planner, the next step is to find a wedding photographer you can trust to get your vision for your day.

Chattanooga Wedding Planners

When searching for Chattanooga wedding planners there are a few things that you will want to consider.

  • Decide how much money you can you spend on your budget
  • How many guests you would like to invite
  • Your preferred wedding date
  • Your vision for your wedding. And If you dont know, thats ok, wedding planners are really good at taking all your ideas and putting it all together. Its their job after all.

To narrow down the list of potential wedding planners, check out their online portfolios, read reviews from other couples, and other vendors who have worked with them.

Don’t go with the cheapest option. Like with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

What do wedding planners do?

They cost money, but they actually save you money in the end.

  • book vendors for you
  • They read contracts so you don’t end up booking something unnecessarily
  • create a wedding budget
  • communicate with all your vendors
  • make a master timeline from all the vendors so everyone is moving in a sensible order.

Some of the day-of things they do

  • They setup the event the way you want it
  • They make sure boutonnieres are pinned on the guys before scheduled photos start
  • They keep vendors on schedule
  • They “get everyone down the aisle” as planned
  • They communicate with caterers micro changes in serving schedules
  • They communicate between the dj and photographer on-the-fly micro changes throughout the reception so you don’t get missed photos or video of important moments.
  • They make sure there are utensils ready before the cake cutting starts
  • They clean up things you didn’t even know about
  • They take care of getting gifts packed up and to the correct destination
  • They help you get your damage deposit back at the end

As a photographer, I can tell you your photos will be better if you are relaxed knowing everything is taken care of and you aren’t trying to do all the things on your wedding day. Also, you’ll get more photos with a good planner. Why? I can run around looking to see if things are setup and where they should be, but if they’re already done we can just take the photos and let everyone get back to having a great time.

Be in the moment at your wedding I’ll take care of the photographs

Questions to ask when deciding on a wedding planner

What type of planning services do you offer?
What is the average price range of the weddings you plan? What will the overall planning timeline look like with you as my planner?
What will you need from me throughout the process to ensure that we communicate to create my vision and what’s important to me?

Chattanooga Wedding Planner Portfolios

Cue The Champagne

A Woodlands Wedding


A Highlands Chapel Wedding

By Cue The Champagne

Trilogy Design Planning

An Apple Barn Wedding

Trilogy Design Group

Loga Weddings

Loga Wedding Pastel Blues Wedding at the Woodlands

Lemon & Sage Wedding at The Bluffs by Loga Weddings

Reach out to the planner if you love what you see, to find out more from them directly. You might also like this post about What a sample wedding day photo timeline looks like.

Looking for a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer?

If this post already helped you find a beautiful venue, the next step is to find a wedding photographer you can trust to get your vision for your day.

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