Cloudland Canyon Engagement Session

Abbie and Nathan both love the outdoors. They also love Cloudland Canyon. When I asked what kind of feel they’d like for their engagement session Abbie suggested Cloudland Canyon and hiking down the stairs to the waterfalls. This was going to be a fun session with “leg day” all in one!

If you haven’t been to Cloudland Canyon before, be prepared for lots and lots of metal stairs to get down to the waterfalls. Its a pretty short hike, just lots of stairs. The trail takes you right to the falls and is well marked.

The weather was very uncooperative the first day we’d planned to go, but our rescheduled day worked out just perfectly! It was pleasantly warm and not a rain drop in sight.

Abbie and Nathan are both nurses. They met each other at CHI Memorial hospital. She was training for a job in the float pool department, while Nathan just transferred to the same department as a nurse. One day, she was floated to a floor where she was assigned to a few of Nate’s patients. It wasn’t long before Nathan asked for her number, and the rest is history.

“I always say that God ‘floated’ us to each other”.


Cloudland Canyon East Rim

Cloudland Canyon West rim

We went over to the west rim for a view of Trenton as the sun was going down.

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