What is a first look

What is a first look

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What is a first look ?

A first look is a few moments the photographer sets up where the bride and groom see each other privately for the first time.
Here’s how it usually works: The groom faces away. The bride walks up taps him on the shoulder then he turns around and sees his bride!

The First Look

I like to get as many of the ‘formal’ photos done before the ceremony as possible. I find that it allows my couples to make the most of the time with their guests at the reception.

What it looks like

I will arrive as you are getting your hair and makeup done. I’ll capture all your accessories, dresses, and bouquets. Then move on to photos of you getting dressed. Then, I like to do a few of just you, and then it’s time to see your soon to be husband for the first time. I’m a big believer in “The First Look” for a few reasons. I know that the day goes by so quickly. It can be really special to have a little time alone before the ceremony to see each other before all your guests arrive. It can be a very emotional moment seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day and is so nice to experience it privately.

This is your time to celebrate as just the two of you without the eyes of all your guests. Plus, it means that you can get all your “formal” photos done before the ceremony.  I really liked structuring it this way because it feels like the pressure is off after the ‘formals’ are done and you can just enjoy yourselves. This is just my perspective though. This is your day and I am just a small part of it. I want you to experience it the way you and your groom dreamed it. I’m happy to provide input, but really, it’s up to you to decide how you want your wedding day timeline to be.

bride and groom in the lovely shaded upper area at The Venue Chattanooga for their first look.

groom's fabulous reaction to seeing his bride at the First Look. And the bridecarring a huge wedding bouquet smiling at her groom in the upper outdoor ceremony area at The Venue Chattanooga TN

Bride and groom seeing eachother for the first look with a few moments for just themselves outside under the twinkly lights at The venue Chattanooga TN

bride's bouquet with huge white flower, and dusty rose colored flowers with greenery.

bride behind groom anticepating his first look at her in her wedding dress on their wedding day.

reaction from bride seeing her soon to be husband see her for the first time in her dress. And groom brought to tears when he sees his future wife for the first time in her dress. At 4 points Farm in Sevierville TN

A 4 points wedding couple inside the big barn doors in Sevierville TN


groom wiping a tear away


Bride walking up to her groom for the first look down by the river next to the ceremony area.

bride and groom walk towards each other smiling happy tears.

groom embracing his soon to be wife at First Look.

Bride and groom outside in April in Delano TN

first look facial expressions by brdes in Huntsville AL

bride and groom talking under garden arbor at Creekside Plantation venue in Huntsville AL

You can check out my Pinterest board of favorite first looks .

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