Tennessee Museum Wedding Venues

Museum wedding venues are widely becoming the newly discovered gems providing ambiance and style to modern weddings.

As a Knoxville and Chattanooga Wedding Photographer,

I know how critical it is to find a wedding venue that fits your aesthetic.

I have a knack for giving each couple the confidence in knowing that I can visualize what makes their wedding personal to them.

Featured Museum Venues

(A collection of the top rated and most breathtaking museum wedding venues around Tennessee).


Hunter Museum of Art

Fine art editorial, black tie affair with a scenic view of the Tennessee River


Knoxville Museum of Art

Modern style with a creative break away from traditional design.


First Art Museum Nashville

Nelya and her team caught everything but it wasn’t like you felt she was everywhere and in the way. We were able to fully enjoy the day and not have to worry.

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Museum Weddings

Why You Should Have a Museum Wedding

  1. Museums are generally located in the Heart of downtown and locally centric to various hotels for easy transportation options for guests.
  2. Museums serve as the perfect wedding venue for couples who are inspired by artistic design and architecture 
  3. Museum wedding venues are the perfect way to culturally connect with others while providing an elevated, impressive and memorable experience for guests.
Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you get married in a museum?

Yes , you can get married in a museum.

Do museums offer wedding coordinators?

Typically museums will provide venue coordination for the location between vendors, but it’s always a best idea to hire your own wedding planner to handle the specific details of wedding planning. You should see my link of top wedding coordinators here.

Are there any restrictions to hosting a museum wedding?

Each museum has their own set of restrictions based on their locations. It’s best to ask them for this information when touring their venue.

Do museums stay open on the day of my wedding?

Most often, museums will be open until a specific time on your wedding day. However, they will sometimes close early, and your getting ready space is separate from general public access. 

Do museums block off access to certain areas during our wedding?

Most museums will keep events contained to various locations but will sometimes provide access to a gallery or section for guests to enjoy prior to the start of the reception or during cocktail hour..