Hi, I’m Nelya. A Knoxville and Chattanooga wedding photographer. There are moments in life that become a huge part of our story, and guide us down a path we never thought we’d be on. For me one of those was photographing weddings.
A hurricane warning, Tennessee humidity, a bride adamant her wedding would be outside, rain for her sendoff, and ending the day soaking wet. You’d think that experience would make me want to run as far from weddings as possible, but instead I found I loved the challenge to strive for order and positivity throughout the day and help couples get the best possible photos to tell the story of their day. To see how happy couples are to have beautiful photos from their wedding made me feel really fulfilled. I knew, this is what I was meant to do!

My goal is to create photos for you to remember the feeling of the day with.

What I really like about photographing weddings is getting to know you before the day and really getting a feel for your preferences, all those things you’re not sure if you should mention, it’s ok, ask. I’ll tell you. I’m pretty blunt and I love helping find answers and if I don’t know I’ll ask someone who does and get back to you.

When I am not out photographing weddings or teaching photography, you can find me talking about hockey with someone.

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I like People


I love sparklers


I love an adventure


I love tacos and guacamole


I’m originally from Northern Vermont

Hockey is my favorite

Fun fact: this is one of the first photos I took first my first camera

She made Zack and me feel extremely comfortable during both sessions and really captured our personalities in our photos. She is also easy to talk to and promptly replies to emails.

Samantha & Zack

Quality photos, a commanding presence, fun personality…
and if you can’t find Nelya, just stop and listen for her laugh; you can’t miss it!

~ Jamison Ashely Films