Max Patch winter engagement

One Sunday Chloe saw the cute drummer at Church and it was truly love at first sight! His work ethic and sense of humor had her attention instantly. They were best buddies for a few months, and then high school sweethearts their senior year.
He just gets her! He’s also the cutest thing she’s ever seen so that helps too.
The rest is history.
Cody just loves how kind and sweet she is to every single person she meets no matter who they are. And he loves the way she smiles when she’s really excited about something!

They both love the outdoors and an excuse for an adventure. So a day trip to Max Patch in North Carolina for pre-wedding engagement photos was the first choice!

We knew it was a little risky planning for photos in the middle of winter. But it was the only weekend they both had open.   I had been so worried it might be freezing on the top of the mountain. As it turned out, it was nearly 60 degrees and gorgeous out. We even had remaining bits of snow on the ground from Monday’s snow.

Here are a few of my favorites.

No, I did not make them walk on their hands, I promise.

Cody works as a mechanic and instead of a lucky rabbit foot or something, he has a 10mm wrench on his key chain.

There was even ice still on the pond just below Max Patch.

In some spots the trail was a bit muddy with all the melting snow we’d just had earlier in the week. This is a great short day hike with an amazing 360 degree view.

If you’re looking to great photo locations near Knoxville and Asheville with a great view and a bit of an adventure, pin this to your favorite photo location planning board! Just tap the photo or mouse over it and click on the pinterest icon.

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