Tennessee Mountain Winter Engagement | Megan + Jake

Tennessee Mountain Winter Engagement | Megan + Jake

Tennessee Mountain Winter Engagement

When Megan arrived for engagement photos wearing a long red tulle skirt and a white lace top I felt like she’d been reading my mind! Like she’d seen all my saved pinterest boards, and like we had the same exact vision for this session!

We had great weather for January. I always end up worrying a little too much in advance especially in the winter.   Worrying about the weather doesn’t fix anything! I really should stop looking at forecasts until the morning of.  As it turned out, we had beautiful light and there was very little traffic! (you’ll see why that’s an important factor as you scroll all the way down through the photos).

When Megan and Jake were first spending time together with mutual friends.  Jake was the guy who picked her up and carried her to her car in a rainstorm when her shoes were just not made for crossing live rivers in parking lots.  You might say he swept her off her feet right then and there.


Winter in Tennessee is pretty nice!!

girl in red tulle skirt walking with guy in plaid shirt and navy vest in front of mountains in January

Megan ordered her tulle skirt online and had it within a few days with rush shipping. I’m so glad she did, it made this outfit perfect!!!

two people outside in TN in january walking with mountains of in the background. And close up of engaged couple smiling.

girl in long red tulle skirt and white lace top with fiance outside walking in the park


two people outside holding hands resting their heads on eachother. And girl in red long dress hugging her soon to be husband.

couple sitting on porch of historic cabin in cades cove TN in January

couple outside getting prewedding photos wearing long red tulle skirt and white lace top in TN. and Engagement ring on girls hand with white lace in the background

prewedding photos of couple outside in the mountains of east TN

engagement photos of couple in red and navy outside in the mountains near Knoxville

couple danding outside in front of historic church in TN. And photo of couple sitting next to eachother laughing and talking.

what to wear to an engagement photo session example: white lace top and red tulle long skirt for her. And plaid shirt in navy, red and white with a navy vest for him.

engagement photos of couple in red and navy outside in the mountains near Knoxville

girl in white lace shirt laughing over her shoulder with her fiance hugging her. And close up photo of an engagement ring on bright green moss.

guy in navy vest outside being led by girl in red tulle skirt and a white lace top

prewedding photos of engaged couple outdoors in january in the mountains of Tennessee. And random deer just eating grass in the winter.

couple outside with deer photobombing in the background

We even had deer photo bombing in the background!

girl in pale pink sweater and white winter hat and guy ingray chunky sweater walking towards TN mountains with deer running across field.

afternoon light on mountains in Tennessee. And a guy hugging his fiance wearing a pink sweater and a cute white hat

laughing girl reaching around to hug her future husband in january

prewedding shoot outside with a guy and girlwearing cute winter sweaters and jeans.

two people walking in cades cove by a tree in the winter with the sun setting through the bare trees

couple holding hands kissing in the afternoon glow in cades cove

smiling couple with orange sunset glow behind them in East Tennessee

two people at dusk near a fence with Tennessee mountain behind them.

two people outside in the winter getting engagement photos in the mountains at sunset

two people outside laughing in the winter in Tennessee during fun engagement photos wearing sweaters

Cades cove landscape at sunset in the winter. And two people looking at each other smiling wearing sweaters

guy and girl at dusk outside in field with girl wearing long red skirt

prewedding photo inspiration after dark with guy dipping girl back for an epic kiss

two people at night in tunnel in TN

This photo was completely a bonus. It’s something I’ve thought about every time I drive through a tunnel anywhere! A few years ago I tried to do this very shot but my gear failed me and I had to take no for an answer. But not this time! We tested everything out first. Then waited for traffic to clear and were in and out in minutes.

Nerdy camera stuff for those who are curious to know how we got the shot: We use car headlights to see what we were doing and to be able to gain focus.One flash, off camera, behind them and one on camera.

No humans were harmed making this photo.

 engaged couple standing in the middle of the road at entrance to a tunnel in Tn at night

If you’d like to plan your adventure session start here!

If you are looking for tips on what to wear to love your engagement photos check these tips out.


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