two people on sunset rock in january. And couple at Bluff view art district.

Chattanooga engagement at Sunset Rock and Bluff view art district

Skyelor and Natasha had known each other since they were kids.
But it wasn’t until partway through high school that Skyelor really started to notice Natasha, and how she put family above everything else. He also loved her love for adventure.

Natasha couldn’t help notice how Skyelor always had time to help everyone, and the sweet little acts of kindness he did for her.

One day last fall on a lunch date /hike to Stringers Ridge he asked her to marry him! She of course said yes! The rest is history.

We started downtown in Chattanooga for engagement photos with two locations: The walnut street bridge and The Chattanooga Choo Choo. Then we headed up to Lookout Mountain to catch the sunset from sunset rock.

This pretty white archway is in the Bluff  View Arts District.

If you were there with us, you would have heard me say “Hold on, I need to do a little magic, this stuff is bugging me in the right corner of this frame!” Then you would have seen me pick up a couple of leaves and hold them in front of my lens 🙂 while I took this photo.

Look at that gorgeous ring sparkle in the sun!

This is the stone path leading down to the sunset rock overlook.

When we arrived the light from the setting sun was glowing beyond perfection! It was such a nice day , it seemed everyone was out to enjoy the sunset! The photos don’t show it , but if you were there you would have seen people selfie-ing into the sunset, eating snacks and holding down choice sunset watching spots, swinging in hammocks,  and just taking in the amazing views Chattanooga has.

At the end we had a little fun with the lights!

One suggestion if you are planning to visit Sunset rock: Carpool. The parking lot is super limited and they don’t take kindly to parking on the street. When we were leaving there were blue lights lighting up the trees and tow trucks were arriving to remove cars parked on the street.

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