Hiwassee/Ocoee engagement photos

Megan and Will visited Hiwassee River Weddings and just loved the river and the forest ceremony site equally. But they didn’t quite think they’d decided that it was THE Venue for them. …While at a friend’s wedding as guests, they just looked at each other and said Hiwassee River Weddings! that’s where we want to get married!
It was love at first visit.
In fact, they loved the venue so much they chose to have most of their engagement photos there too! So that’s exactly what we did. We  started in the newly updated Forest ceremony area under the bistro lights. Yes, we also ended up in the river! When planning where to have engagement photos and what Megan wanted them to look like, we decided to make it more of an adventure session. They wanted some mountain views and possibly a sunset too. So we made it a  Hiwassee/Ocoee engagement photo session. When you scroll down  you’ll see the sunset we caught on Oswald Rd at the overlooks!

Megan and Will met in high school. She saw him standing at the water fountain and thought he was cute and called out, “Hey, you!”. He turned around a little confused to see what was going on. He saw her. She said, “Yeah, you!”.  She tore off a part of his notebook and wrote down her number and told him to text her. They were dating the next day. So they went from “Hey, you!” to “I do”.

Will wanted to surprise her with the proposal. He went through several ideas but for each one he thought she would figure out what was going on. One day they went on a date to one of their favorite restaurants, The Terminal, and then to a little ice cream place and got chocolate milkshakes. The sat outside, and felt a simplistic peace just being in each other’s presence. This has been a pillar of their relationship. They’ve always felt connected to each other on a level that words don’t do justice to. They felt like this even a few days after they met. It felt like they always knew each other.. He knew that she would not be expecting him to propose that day since they hadn’t even planned the date beforehand.

As they got home she sat down on the couch to finish her milkshake. Will came in and got down on one knee and opened the ring box.

“I was so excited and in shock that I didn’t even see the ring! I’m glad I was sitting down because I would have fainted if I were standing up. I burst into tears of joy and eventually remembered to shout yes! I could barely speak. He succeeded in surprising me!”


Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

girl wearing red lace slieved dress being hugged by a guy in black suit outside

girl in maroon dress and guy in black suit running in the forest

two people outside smiling

two people sitting on a bench outside in tennessee

two people outside with green trees in the background

guy hugging girl and sweeping her off her feet outside in trees on a patio

two people outside walking in front of the huge wooden doors at Hiwassee river weddings venue

the river sideof the building athiwassee riverweddings with the full stair case leadingdown to the river

guy wearing a blacksuit and a girl wearing a maroon dress with lace sleives

two people outside under a tall tree by the hiwassee river in the summer

guy in a black suit twirling a girl in long dress outside

girl in maroon amazon dress bring dipped back for a kiss next to a river

two people outside in the forest intennessee

couple laughing outside in the forest

two peoplewalking down white stone road in the summertime

Hiwassee/Ocoee river

The Ocoee river joins the Hiwassee river just downstream from here.

Hiwassee/Ocoee engagement photos

two people outside standing in the hiwassee river looking like a couplefrom the notebook

two people walking out in the hiwassee river

Two people at the Ocoee overlook in tennessee

The Ocoee over look view inaugust

The Ocoee overlook is a beautiful spot at any time of the year! Plus, it’s super easy to get to. You can have this view from sitting in your car in the overlook parking lot.

two people sitting outside talking with the Ocoee overlook view in the background

two people outside with the sunset in the background

two people outside at night wearing a red dress and black suit

It was one of those rare sunsets that lasted for a very long time after the sun had already gone down.

two people outside at night wearing maroon dress looking like a disney princess andthe guy wearing a black suit.

Two people inside the gazebo at night on Oswald Rd, Benton, TN



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