Top 10 Wedding DJs

  • DJ Dutty Laundry
  • Keenan Daniels, The Milliondollaman
  • Reece Varnell, Pro Sound Chattanooga
  • DJ Terry, Terry’s DJ Service
  • Tanner Coates, TJT3
  • Goldengate Entertainment
  • Sequoyah Entertainment
  • Jim Ogle, Ogle Entertainment
  • Corey Ozair, Music in Motion
  • DJ Mark, With Class

Who are the best Chattanooga wedding DJs of 2024?

A DJ can make or break a wedding reception.

Knoxville outdoor wedding

Be in the moment on your wedding day, I’ll take care of the photographs

DJ Dutty Laundry

Website: | Email: | 423-838-0225

DJ DUTTY LAUNDRY is the winner of Best Chattanooga wedding DJ for 2024!

Let me tell you about Dutty. One wedding it looked like people weren’t going to be dancing. Guests wandered outside, got distracted by football game scores, socializing and the beautiful weather. It was a situation where nobody would blame the DJ. An average DJ would shrug and say it’s not my fault if you don’t dance and have fun. But not Dutty! This guy channeled some inner magic and started speaking with confidence into that Bahama blue microphone. whatever he said, filled that dance floor! It was the most energetic fun crowd from that point on.

Dutty, also has Cold Sparks, the kind that can be used indoors, and “dancing on the clouds”. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you these make for some pretty spectacular photos.

Keenan Daniels, The Milliondollaman



Phone: (423) 356-6467‬

If you have been to a wedding reception with The Milliondollaman you already know its an entertaining time with everyone is on the dance floor. All your guests will be talking about your reception for years to come! It’s high energy, it’s ridiculously fun, all you have to do is be on the dance floor and he takes care of the rest. Wedding photographers in Chattanooga capture the best reception photographs at his receptions.

DJ Reece, Pro Sound Chattanooga



Phone: (423) 314-4758

Reece is a very experienced wedding DJ with great vision, abilities and equipment facilitating each aspect of the audio, MC, and entertainment pieces of the wedding day. Easy to work with and a heart for building a plan around what is important for the couple and their families.

DJ Terry, Terry’s DJ Service



Phone: (423) 320-2327

Terry does little extra stuff he does not have to do! One wedding reception we squeezed into a little side room to eat our dinner while the couple was eating. Terry came in with another chair for us! He knew there weren’t enough in that room. Totally not his job, but he did it.

Terry meets the crowd where they are. Some weddings Terry’s just the guy behind the dj booth. and other weddings he’s out on the dance floor teaching dances.

Tanner Coates, DJT3 Sound & Lighting


address: Chattanooga

My favorite part about working with Tanner is he’s excellent at communicating. Example: He left his dj booth which he didn’t have to do, to double check with me that I was ready to photograph the next event of the evening BEFORE he announced it to the guests. This is going above and beyond for the couple because he’s looking out for not only the best guest experience, but also the couple’s photos after the wedding!

cheering crowd of people in front of the stage at The Venue Chattanooga.

Jason Lovely, Sequoyah Entertainment

Website: | 865-335-5722 |

Sequoyah Entertainment provides not only wedding DJs but also bands. What I love about this is, when you book a band through Jason they offer ceremony audio and the setup for toasts during the reception right along with a band. This is huge, because it eliminates the no audio at the ceremony problem where guests can’t hear what’s said. And eliminates toasts and speeches only able to occur if someone stands up on the stage.

DJ Corey Ozair, Music in Motion

Website: Music In Motion


Phone: (865) 805-4657

Corey is easy to work with. He really lets the crowd guide the tone for the night.

DJ Mark With Class llc


Phone: 423-314-3094

DJ Mark is a personality! You will remember him if you’ve ever been to a wedding with him. I think the most notable thing is his gopro he brings out at various times of the day. He definitely loves to entertain throughout the evening.

Jim Ogle, Ogle Entertainment



Phone: (865) 970-3429

When Jim Ogle is a real Class act. No matter who you talk to everyone has a “Jim is a difference maker” story. In addition to bringing great entertainment to a reception Jim just does things that are nowhere near “his job”. One hot summer wedding while we were outside rushing to get photos done before we all got rained on, I saw Jim walking up to us with bottles of water for the bride and groom!

DJ Brian Graham



Phone: (865) 805-4657

Golden gate Entertainment

Website: | 423-315-2990 |

How to book a popular wedding DJ in Chattanooga

The good DJs book up quickly. Chattanooga is a growing city with a lot of weddings happening. So the sooner you book the better your chances are to get who you want. But what if you didn’t know things needed to be booked so far in advance and you still want someone in particular? If you really want a certain DJ but everyone says he’s probably already booked for your wedding date try these tips

Steps to snag the best wedding DJs

  1. contact the super popular DJ anyway
  2. be flexible on your date
  3. Ask what their available dates are
  4. consider a Thursday wedding
  5. reach back out to them on the off chance that they may have had someone reschedule or cancel

Add-on services from your DJ

Many DJs offer add-on services such as

  • Uplighting
  • dancing on the clouds
  • Cold sparks
  • fog
  • dance choreography
  • Photo booths

Before you sign the contract with your DJ you may want to double check that your photographer and Venue of choice is also available. See these best

How much do wedding DJs cost?

The in-demand, experienced “good ones” are starting around 2000 and up.

Is it worth having a wedding DJ?

Yes, a good wedding DJ will be in control of the mood and atmosphere of your event for you. They will also be a good master of ceremonies and let the guests know what’s happening next. They are the secret sauce to a full dance floor and couples having the best time ever.

Do I need a DJ for the Ceremony?

If you want guests to hear the ceremony. Yes.

How long does a DJ stay at a wedding?

Normally from the ceremony to the end of the reception.

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