Wildwood country club Wedding Louisville KY – Noorina and Naufal

Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Noorina and Naufal held their Mehndi party portion of their wedding at Wildwood country club in Louisville KY. The day was warm and the light breeze was joyfully welcomed. Their wedding was a blend of families, traditions, cultures, and memories, resulting in an evening of perfectness in bold beautiful color.

Noorina and Naufal, Thank you for the honor of documenting your love. Your friends and families made me feel lucky to get to know you and it was a joy to have seen you through their eyes.

Love, Nelya

Noorina couldn’t have chosen more beautiful color combinations! The rich brown of the henna with the turquoise and hot pink was beyond gorgeous!

In the background you can see the waterfalls at the 19th hole.

Wildwood Country club and golf course is a simply stunning location.

 Mehndi Party

The delicious dinner was catered by Sameem from St. Louis

Her brothers and brother’s friends played it cool, all weeks they said they weren’t going to practice and were just going to go to the gym instead. Noorina was completely surprised and loved their high energy performance!

I don’t know the words to the songs but instantly recognized the music and the dances from Nritya Masala Recitals I’ve been to.

This future wedding photographer was the cutest!

At the end everyone joined their friends and family on the dance floor.

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