See that girl in the yellow and green bandana in the back left? Let me tell you a little story about her. Once upon a time, I had a beginner camera with a kit lens and no idea what I was doing – but I was doing it. I was playing a shift of hockey then between shifts I’d toss my gloves off and pick up my little camera and try to take photos of the game. Wendy saw me doing this, and said she’d bring her camera and 70-200 ( a few thousands of dollars of gear) for the next game and let me shoot with it. She didn’t know me from Adam! She’d met me mere hours before, and she trusted to me use her “big girl camera” during a game!

Thanks for believing in me Wendy and encouraging me to keep chasing that dream!

I hope when I get the chance, I too will spot someone with a seedling passion for seeing light and that I will encourage them in ways I may never know. Even if they are playing hockey and trying the shoot between shifts, peeking through the bars of their helmet hoping for an in-focus shot.


Hockey team: Southern Thunder B

Venue: Coolsports home of the Icearium



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  1. Great post Nelya! I had no idea that's how you got started. The more I learn about Wendy the more I learn what a kind, generous big heart she has. Wendy, you rock! And thanks for inspiring Nelya's passion, because her pics rock!

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