summer chattanooga engagement

Summer Chattanooga Engagement

When I talked to Eden about what she’d like her engagement photos to look like she said she’d like Nature, Water, possibly Sunset Rock, and the Walnut Street Bridge. I know parking is super limited at Sunset Rock in the evenings, so I randomly asked Eden “Are you a morning person?” “Yes!!” she said.

So we arrived at Sunset Rock in Chattanooga as the moon was setting and the summer sun was rising.

When they first met, Eden noticed Gideon was just nice. Nice. For no reason. She grew up in the Bronx, and meeting people that friendly was just unusual. But Gideon went to Lee University in Cleveland TN and just being friendly came naturally. Their friendship grew and grew and now here they are planning a wedding!

Sunset Rock Engagement photos at Sunrise

We ended up having the whole area to ourselves by arriving for sunrise.

When the sun came over the trees the glowy light was fantastic!!

We definitely spent a lot of the time laughing! These two were so much fun, and funny!

We continued their engagement photos in Coolidge park at the Walnut Street Bridge. That pretty blue bridge is an iconic part of Chattanooga

Their second outfits  were traditional Nigerian clothing worn for special occasions. They will be having a traditional ceremony in Nigeria and I am looking forward to seeing the traditional Nigerian wedding attire!!!

Eden had said she’d wanted photos with water. Well, we found some of that too!

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