gril in gold dress and guy wearing blck suit for engagement party in Knoxville TN

Bridgewater Place Engagement

This Rolls Royce Knoxville Engagement has finally made it to the blog!

Mazar and Rumina celebrated their engagement at Bridewater Place in Knoxville TN. Rumina arrived in a black and silver Rolls Royce from Regal Carriages. Yes, they serve the Knoxville and surrounding area. Mazar was more than a little excited to see Rumina! And Rumina was just as excited for all of the ceremonies to begin!

Rumina had been imagining this day for years with the aide of a few pinterest boards.

They’d known each other since high school and have just been best friends ever since.

Many thanks to the creative team for putting this day together seamlessly!

Creative Team:

Venue: Bridgewater Place Knoxville TN

Transportation: Regal Carriages

Videographer: Rob’s Videography

Photographer: Rob and Nelya


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