Kids running under quilt at the park

Melton Hill Lifestyle Family Photos

Jennifer told me her vision for her photos was a few posed photos but mostly her boys just being themselves. Now that travel youth hockey season is over, spring was the perfect time to get those family photos she’d wanted!

She chose Melton Hill Park in Knoxville as it was close enough to get to after work and had open fields and water all at one location.

Jennifer, thank you for choosing me to document your beautiful family.  I’m so happy the rain stopped in time for us to have a perfectly imperfect evening at the park. I’m happy to count you guys as friends and I look forward to that day your boys walk up to me towering above and ask me if I remember them! I’ll always remember a little tiny Avs fan in little tiny white Nike skates finding a sport he loves! And a little guy holding a white ambulance giving me the evil eye for commenting on it.  See you at the rink!
Much Love Nelya

This is a quilt from her grandmother. It’s very special to them so she brought it to incorporate into the session. …But when you’re a mom of boys sometimes that can look different, and be a lot of fun!

This may look like an ordinary piggy back ride, but it is not. Not at all. This here is a clone trooper riding into battle with his AT-RT Walker; a two-legged open-cockpit walker. They are heavily armed, and will be cutting through battle droids  as they take on the Battle of Kashyyyk or something like that. I tried to pay attention to all of the facts but I may have missed some of the finer points.

The silly string battle is not complete until somebody tries to get the photographer’s camera.

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