Ooltewah Sunflowers Engagement photos

Ooltewah Sunflowers Engagement photos

Allie loves sunflowers! When I asked her where she’d like her engagement photos to be, she said she wanted them with sunflowers at the Sunflower Field in Ooltewah, TN.

The Sunflowers have a short blooming season and we weren’t sure if we’d missed it. Allie went out a couple days in advance to check how the sunflowers looked and if they were still blooming. She reported back that they were still looking good for the end of the season.

Allie and Parker met through mutual friends. On their first date they found they had lots of things in common including a big love for all things outdoors, Mexican food, and dogs 🙂

Fast forward to this June. On a trip to Iceland, Parker took Allie to a secret waterfalls. And there at the base of the dramatic secret waterfalls in Iceland, with a photographer hidden from sight, Parker popped the question!

Parker and Allie have are planning a Greenhouse inspired wedding at The Venue at Lilly Lou’s next year.  When they recently visited the Venue at Lilly Lou’s  they just kind of fell in love with the uniqueness of the greenhouses.

Ooltewah Sunflowers Engagement photos

The sunflower field is on the Ooltewah Georgetown road, North of Chattanooga. You can’t really miss it, and it’s a super popular place and there are multiple fields of sunflowers. If you pull up a google map just zoom in to where the congested traffic is on Ooltewah Georgetown Rd, and that’s it!

two people walking in funflower field in Ooltewah Tennessee

sunflowers engagement photos

big yellow sunflower. And two people wearing white and red

two people laughing out in a sunflower field in Tn

engagement ring on girl's hand. And people walking in a sunflower field

two people sitting in Sunflower field near Chattanooga TN

two people in sunflower field in Summer

two people walking on road with lots of sunflowers in background

two people in Sunfloers field in East Tennessee

two people both wearing white in front of vintageVW buss painted in wild colors

at the entrance to to sunflowers there’s a vintage bus painted in wild colors that we couldn’t pass up for a fun background.

girl wearing white sundress kissing fiance in front of a brightly colored VW buss

two people with dog with a heart shaped sign announcing wedding

They wanted their dog to be part of their sunflower engagement photos. …But he’s a little bit excited to come for the whole time. So they had their wedding planner Jessie of Jessie Loga Wedding planning bring him for just a few photos and then take him home.

two people with dog and sign announcing their wedding that says My Humans are getting married.

dog shaking the hand of a girl in white sundress

girl wearing white sundress and guy wearingtan khaki shorts and button shirt

We walked out by the pick your own sunflower fields and where they also have strawberries in the spring.

two poeple outside wearing white

two people walking under cedar trees in Georgetown TN

woman in orange floral dress in sunflower field

two people in sunflowers field with one standing close to camera and the other off in the distance

Chattanooga sunflower fields at night

We had a few looming clouds and thunder, but managed to get all the engagement photos in the sunflowers before it rained.

guy outside doing his best James Dean

blonde girl sitting in among sunflowers in Ooltewah Tn

two people outside under trees at night




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