Adorable sunflower and dog photos

Adorable sunflower and dog photos

Meet Riley. He’s a happy friendly golden retriever who loves making new friends. He’s also into fashion and loves a good excuse to dress up. When he’s not busy with his other hobbies you can often find him cheering for the Nashville Predators, going on walks, or napping.

He was born with a birthmark on his tongue. Though I did accuse him of eating a sunflower leaf at first. He’s super easy-going and forgave me right away.

Assistance in this session: Chattanooga Pet Services

They help with bringing your pets to your photos sessions and making it not be a disaster! Ya know the kind dog that may be up for a few photos and then be just DONE? Yeah, Sarah at Chattanooga Pet services will take care of that. She’ll bring your dog to the session at whatever time you need and then when you are done take your dog off to play games that dogs like, so you can get other photos without worrying about your dog getting into trouble or trying to make friends with strangers.


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