Cumberland Gap TN Engagement | Julie + Noah

Cumberland Gap TN Engagement | Julie + Noah

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Cumberland Gap TN Engagement

Noah first caught Julie’s eye at church. She instantly loved his quick wit and how much fun he was to be around. It didn’t take Noah long to conclude Julie was the sweetest person he’d ever met.

The Cumberland Gap area of Tennessee is special to both Noah and Julie. It’s where Noah proposed this spring. Noah had planned it all out. He’d told her they were there because her sister was going to be having her photo session. Needless to say she said yes and the rest is history!

We talked about their story, their families, and their wedding while we walked around Cumberland Gap and The Pinnacle overlook in Middlesboro KY. I loved photographing these two not only because they are a beautiful couple but also because of Julie’s smile! Her joy is contagious and that made for beautiful portraits! Enjoy this summer engagement shoot and look for their 2018 fall wedding!!! I am looking forward to photographing them as a bride and groom!!

Historic marker sign for the three state cornerstone of virginia, Tennessee , virginia and Kentucky in the town of Cumberland Gap. And the view of Gumberland gap from the pinicle overlook in Middlesboro KY

laughing couple outside in front of brick building of the Little Congress Bicycle museum in Cumberland Gap TN

You two are naturals!! My job was a piece of cake!

engaged couple walking in glowy sunshine under trees in Cumberland Gap TN

girl in olive colored shirt and guy in gray button down holding hands outside at golden hour in Cumberland Gap TN. And tall sunlit tree with newly engaged couple under it in August

The light was beyond perfect even if it was at least 90 degrees out. You two were amazing.

engaged couple holding hands under a willow tree at the old mill in Cumberland Gap TN. And the old mill wheel in August

The wheel at Olde Mill Inn Bed & Breakfast is visible on the south side of the building,  though it was not running.

two hands with an engagement ring and floral print skirt in the background. Anda smiling couple outside for their summer engagement photos.

Engaged couple in front of Whistle stop Antiques in Cumberland Gap TN

two people "dancing down Dixie Avenue" in The town of Cumberland Gap on an August summer afternoon in front of the Whistler's antique shop

two people sitting outside in Cumberland Gap TN. And engaged couple walking in front of the Frame Shop and Art Gallery in Cumberland Gap in Tennessee

After Whistle Stop antiques, we passed The Frame Shop and Art Gallery with it’s antique truck out front on Colwyn Ave.

two people smiling hugging outside for their Tennessee summer engagement photos. And a historic home in Cumberland Gap TNsmiline

close up of newly engaged couple outside in Cumberland Gap TN

One of my favorites!

two people in front of Church of the living God in Cumberland Gap town in TN. And close up of couple looking at eachother

two people in front of the white church in the heart of Cumberland Gap tn

Church of the Living God at Cumberland Gap, TN.

black and white photo of soon to be married couple outside in east Tennessee. And couple standing in front of stacked stone retaining wall in Middlesboro KY

the trail leading to the Pinackle overlook and Fort McCook trail. And two people enjoying the lesurely walk to the Cumberland Gap overlook

The final part of our photo adventure for their engagement session was to go to the Pinnacle overlook! The trail is paved and a pleasant walk.

two people walking the paved trail through the trees to the Pinacle overlook in Middlesboro KY and Cumberland Gap TN. And an interesting large rock along the trail

two people looking down on the Town of Cumberland Gap TN from the Pinnacle Overlook in KY

The overlook it’s self is every bit as spectacular as everyone says it is! I think it would be beautiful at any season of the year.

Cumberland Gap TN Engagement

two soon to be married people enjoying the beautiful view from The Pinnacle overlook at Cumberland Gap TN

The mountain views, rock outcroppings and whole town of Cumberland Gap seen from above at the Pinacle overlook. And a couple enjoying the view at sunset

dark haired girl and guy watching the sunset from the pinnicle overlook in Middlesboro KY

The city of Cumberland Gap seen from above at the pinnacle overlook in Middlesboro KY

Extra thanks to Emily for coming along to help hold phones and other things.

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