Peach Blossom Photos at The Barn at Drewia Hill Sale Creek TN

Peach Blossom Photos at The Barn at Drewia Hill Sale Creek TN

The Barn at Drewia Hill

The day was one of those warm sunny 70 degree March days that makes you know why you love Tennessee in the springtime.

What time do you want to start photo she had asked?
Early morning when the light is good, I said. When my alarm went off I instantly wondered WHAT was I thinking! But when I got to The Barn at Drewia Hill a rustic barn wedding venue in Sale Creek TN just north of Chattanooga. I knew it was the perfect day for Holly and Ivan’s maternity photos in the peach orchard!

The Barn at Drewia Hill

When you first drive up the driveway you immediately feel how private it is here. Then the views are pretty nice too.

early morning view of the peach orchard in full bloom at the barn at Drewia hill in Sale Creek TN

Just over the grassy hill is the peach orchard.

newlyweds out in pink flowering peach orchard behind the Barn at Drewia hill near Dayton TN

You may remember Holly and Ivan from their wedding last year. They’re having a baby!!  Or you may remember an orange KTM (hush, I know, but that’s how I can tell what kind of bike it is by it’s color 🙂 ) riding at the Mountain MX track back when it was open. I have a feeling there may be a strider bike in their future…

couple dancing in the peach orchard behind barn wedding venue near chattanooga TN

girl wearing pink floral wrap dress and guy in yellow shirt and gray pants. and close up photo of peach blossoms

maternity pose in pink floral wrap dress outside in a peach orchard

couple and chocolate lab out in peach orchard for maternity photo at sunrise

That’s Tootsie, the chocolate lab. She joined us for a few photos. But on her terms, when she felt like it.

peach blossoms in full bloom at The Barn at Drewia Hill in Sale Creek TN

spring morning photos of couple in peach orchard near Chattanooga TN

girl in pink floral dress laughing walking with guy in yellow shirt outside at the Barn a Drewia hill

woman wearing pink floral wrap dress with navy belt outside in peach orchare in Sale Creek TN

couple dancing outside in the peach orchard in the springtime in Tennessee.

the barn at Drewia Hill early in the morning looking from the back ceremony site

shady tree covered area along peach orchard at Drewia Hill. and

As the sun rose we worked our way to the edge of the field for some open shade.

couple standing in the woods at the edge of the peach orchard near Chattanooga

girl smiling up at her husband in their easter outfits in Sale Creek TN

two people just walking through the peach orchaed at the barn at Drewia Hill wedding venue on Sale Creek TN

couple standing in front of barn with big rusted metal ampersand . and peach blossoms and blue sky.

Nelya. The peach blossoms in full bloom at the Barn at Drewia Hill in Sale Creek TN.

The Back Story

A couple of days before, I visited The Barn at Drewia Hill to see what the peach blossoms looked like in preparation for this session.  I met Kris wrestling beautiful wooden barrels into place in preparation for their Saturday wedding. She’s the type who works and talks at the same time. She’s organized and easy to talk to. I can see why her venue books so quickly.

Then there was…

tiny honda rider riding across green grassy hill in Tennessee

This little dirt bike rider! He showed me the way out to the peach orchard. little Honda dirt bike rider showing me the peach orchard at the Barn at Drewia Hill in Sale Creek TN

Then he was on his way. He had to go check on other things around the farm. Later that evening I joined them for dinner and helped him check for ghosts behind his door knob in his room.

The barn at Drewia Hill at night under starry sky.

This was a long exposure. Here’s the nerdy details for those of you who like that stuff.  6.6 sec, ISO- 3200, f/2.8, 24mm

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