17 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

17 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Finding the right photographer is a must. You’ll want to find the right person to capture all of your wedding day memories. It can be hard to find someone who will fits your budget,  shoots in a style you love and is easy to work with. After all, you want that person to be present for all the special, and in between moments during the day. So here are some questions to ask before you sign the contract that will help you find the right one, as you interview potential wedding photographers.

The Questions

  1. Who will be my photographer?
  2. How would you describe your style?
  3. Do you bring your own lighting?
  4. Do you have backup gear?
  5. What are some common problems you encounter during a wedding and how do you handle them?
  6. What if you can’t make it, what is your back up plan?
  7. How many weddings do you work a weekend?
  8. Will you color correct or retouch my images?
  9. What attire will you and/or your team wear?
  10. How much of a retainer do you require at booking?
  11. How many hours are included in your package?
  12. Can additional hours be added on?
  13. Do you create albums? If yes, it is outsourced?
  14. How long do you keep the photos after my wedding?
  15. Are you comfortable working in all types of weather?
  16. How long will it be until I see my photos after my event?
  17. What can I order through you? (Albums, Prints, Canvases, Cards, etc.)

By knowing what questions to ask, you’ll find the right person to capture your day. Trust your instincts. If you get a  feeling they won’t be easy to work with, or wont communicate with you enough, they likely won’t be on the wedding day.

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