boats in the Marina at lake Loudon in Lenoir City TN


This post is dedicated to my wedding photographer friend Chris. Let me tell you just a little bit about Chris. He takes time out of his day to encourage others in photography and just in life struggles. Thanks Chris for being the inspiration for this post!

10 reasons to move to East TN

1, Fall. Fall weather in Tennessee is just perfect.

This photo was taken in Cade’s Cove at the end of October.

2, Winter. Because it’s gone before you really get sick of it. Often it only snows up in the mountains so if you want to see the snow you can go up the mountain. Then you can come back down and go about your life.

3, spring. Red buds and strawberries. Sorry, no strawberry photos, I ate them before I got the camera out!

I still remember my first springtime visit to east Tennessee seeing these beautiful pink purple trees blooming all along the sides of the road!

4. Sunrise on top of Max.  Max Patch is on the state line of North Carolina and Tennessee. The 360 degree view from the top is breath taking at any time of day and any season!

5, Close by to Biltmore in Asheville NC.

6, Close by to Atlanta GA.

7, Close by to Nashville. And that means NHL hockey and the opportunity to watch any of your favorite teams even if you’re not a Preds fan!

8, Knoxville has a youth hockey program with teams for little tiny kids all the way up to adults. UT has club hockey and there’s SPHL hockey.

9, One of the top states that people come to, to get married. I don’t know the stats, but people just love the Smoky Mountains!

10, Hiwassee River. This photo was taken in front of Hiwassee River Weddings and Events

11, The Sunsphere. You can ride the elevator up and look through those gold reflecting windows down at the city of Knoxville.

12, The Lakes. I don’t think there are many natural lakes in East TN. This is a portion of the Tennessee river that makes Lake Loudon.

13, Cupcakes. Yup, cupcakes. that’s a good reason in its self right?

So there you have 10 reasons to move to East TN and a couple bonus reasons too!

If you already live here, I’d love to hear what you love about East Tennessee! If you’ve come to visit, what did you like about the area?

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