Cades Cove TN Wedding | Josh and Jeylan

Cades Cove TN Wedding | Josh and Jeylan

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Cades Cove Wedding | Josh and Jeylan

They threw caution to the wind and had their wedding outside with no back up plan for rain! Cades Cove had always been a special place for Josh and Jaylan when ever they visit Tennessee.

They made their own benches and had quilts and pillows.

diy cades cove wedding in Townsend TN

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cades cove wedding-8800

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It was an  intimate Cades Cove Wedding with family and a little honking and waving from Cades Cove Visitors leaving the park cheering from the distance.

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cades cove wedding-8885

Their Grandfather performed the wedding ceremony.

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Bride with purple waterfalls bouquet and groom with navy vest and light blue shirt at cades cove wedding in the mountains

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cades cove wedding-9016

After family photos we went to another favorite Cades Cove spot for bride and groom photos.

cades cove wedding-9111


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cades cove wedding-9225

Off to the left we heard snapping of branches and then I saw two black ears moving along in the grass. The bear did not come over and bother us he was too busy with tasty branches.

cades cove wedding-9231


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cades cove wedding-9385

And they lived happily ever after!


Venue: Cades Cove

Lighting: Sunset

Cake: Mom

Photographer: Star Noir Studio and Nelya

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