Fun wedding exit alternatives to sparklers

If you’re looking for fun wedding exit ideas without sparklers, then this list of alternatives to sparklers is for you!

Top wedding exit alternatives

When deciding on what to use for your wedding exit take into consideration what your venue does and does not allow. Some may have designated areas. some just do not allow sparklers at all.


Bubbles are a great option and work well both at night and during the day. The individual wedding bubble are great for guests to participate. If you want to go big, get a “bubble machine”. This is a good way to ensure you get a lot of bubbles.


Champagne on bridge at night

You can’t beat champagne! Night time or daytime it’s definitely fun!

Pom poms

Pom poms or Shakers are super easy to use and have about the simplest cleanup ever. They can be ordered in almost any color to go with your wedding colors, or your favorite team.


Balloons are another fun option that’s both great for daylight or nighttime, indoors or outdoors …and work just fine in the rain too!

Led balloons are so much fun for the guests! They come with sticks for guests to hold and come in a kit with the led lights, Balloons and I can’t remember if batteries are included in the kit or not..

Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are fabulous to use at night! These things are fabulous, but also come with the risk of burning you if you light them wrong.

Flower Petals

Flower petals are lovely and photograph well in the daytime and at night. They are environmentally friendly too. Talk to your florist or wedding planner for preparing these for you.


Lanterns work best in dry air at dusk before the dew has set. We learned this one night when we had them outside too early. A heavy dew set and the things were damp and we struggled to get them lit. They’re super risky too. The chance of causing fires if the area is dry and or has a lot of burnable land nearby is real.

Chinese Lanterns Paper Lanterns


Confetti can be lots of fun, however check with your venue first. Many do not allow confetti due to the immense amount of cleanup it usually requires.

Confetti photo photographed while assisting Beverly Reid Photopgraphy


Streamers are a good alternative to Confetti. They are so easy to clean up and nearly as much fun as confetti without leaving your venue picking up little tiny bits for days afterwards and cursing your name.


Glowsticks are a very good alternative to sparklers for anyone who doesn’t like fire or if you have a venue that doesn’t allow sparklers. There are different kinds of glowsticks. In this photo you’ll see a few that look like just white tubes, those are lit by LEDs. They blink on and off so quickly the human eye doesn’t notice it, but a camera picks it up. For consistent color choose glow sticks over the LED options.


These were tricky to get to pop at the same time. They kinda popped when they felt like it. So they’re not my favorite.

Try these Ribbon Streamers instead


wedding fireworks at night

Howe Farms offers upgrades to fireworks. The best part is its remotely controlled and you can choose to start them when you’re ready.

Check with your venue, some offer fireworks as an add-on.

cold sparks wedding exit

Cold Sparks

These are great. Unlike sparklers and fireworks they burn cold. No one is at risk of getting burnt. You can stick your hand into it and it’s cold.
As a Wedding Photographer, this is great to not need to worry about setting things on fire accidentally.

Where to get Pyro fountains or Cold Sparks: Locally, talk to DJ Dutty Laundry, Themilliondollaman, or Pro Sound Chattanooga.


I know this is a post about alternatives to sparklers, but there is something magic about wedding sparklers that are lots of fun and great for photos.

Bonus tip for upping the level of Fun, get some fun glasses to wear for the exit.

Buy Wedding Sparklers

Best sparklers for wedding exit are 20″ or 36″ as they are long enough for the fire to be away from guest’s hands.

Or if you like amazon get these leds on a stick.

When you buy from these links they help me run this blog with a small commission on sales at no cost to you. Thank you!

Be present on your wedding day and I’ll capture the once in a life time moments

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