Just Don’t. OK?

Tips on what not to do at a wedding from Keenan Daniels.

Here’s the short version

  • Don’t NOT RSVP and then show up.
  • Don’t bring your camera and get in the way of the hired professionals
  • Don’t ask the DJ for special requests
  • Don’t grab the mic and give a speech if you weren’t specifically asked to
  • Don’t leave you kids unattended
  • Don’t show up if you weren’t invited

Seriously, running out of food is not what any couple wants to have happen at their wedding. They’ll feel like terrible hosts.

Then the chair thing. They might not have any place for you to sit.

This. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get some photos of your friends, But do not. And I repeat Do NOT stand out in the center aisle during the ceremony to get your photo. The couple pays a lot of money for photographers and videographers to be there and won’t appreciate seeing a photo of your back instead of their first kiss.

The better thing to do is just enjoy the evening.

These tips are brought to you by Keenan Daniels   AKA The MillionDollaMan

MillionDollaMan is a universal and inclusive DJ with a million dollar persona. He’s a Host, DJ, Choreographer – whatever it takes to make your event one that your guests will never forget! He caters to a wide range of audiences: every age, every culture and every race will enjoy any event that the MillionDollaMan is a part of!


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