Do you have a card? She asked.

Um no, I mumbled. But you can google me, it’s my name Nelya, not it should come up. I really did have cards, but I’d left them at home because they weren’t perfect. One set had an image I no longer felt represented my work, another set had an email a free address on it that didn’t look professional, another set the colors were no longer my brand colors

I heard Sue Bryce speaking about this one day. It was like when you’re at church and they’re preaching only to you, like they know what you’ve been doing and calling you out on it right there in front of everybody!

She told a story about herself once at a meeting at that point of exchanging contact info. Guy 1 gets out a thin paper purple smudgy ink card. Her body language visibly scoffed and disregarded the card. Guy 2 pulls out a nicely designed good looking card. He asks her where her card is. She said she didn’t have any with her. Guy 2 says pointing to Guy1’s “unprofessional card” Well then his card is better than yours!

Ouch! But she was so right. I felt so guilty I bought her course right then.

I get it, I was there. When you are a creative and a perfectionist it is soooooo hard to put imperfection on a business card to hand out to the world as a representation of who you are! You know you are capable of amazingness and only want the world to see that work.

A bad business card is better than no business card

…but people actually just want a way to contact you. They met you. they believe in you. they recommended you to their friend and just want to pass along you contact info. The truth is a lot of those imperfect cards will sit in the bottom of a purse or ashtray (am I the only one who stores business cards in vehicle ashtrays?) So don’t worry about the choice of email address, phone or what your website currently looks like, just put something on a card for now so people can get in touch with you. You can always redesign and order gorgeous new cards in the future!

The Best business card is the one you have with you.

I’m excited and currently waiting for the mail to arrive with a new order of cards from

The part I really liked about the options with Moo is the option to put different designs on cards all within the same order! So I can have different photos on different cards or none at all. Or different text on different cards. Perfect for the multi enterprising entrepreneur with a bunch of passions who still hasn’t settled on one or more brand directions yet.

Have you ordered cards from Moo before? what did you think? I’d love to know know your favorite place to get business cards!

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