Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement

Smoky Mountain Summer Engagement Photos

When I talked to Kelly about what she’d like her engagement photos to feel like, she knew she wanted their engagement photos to have mountain views, trees and tall grass. We ended up making an afternoon adventure in the Smokies!

The weather turned out to be just beautiful! The east Tennessee humidity is nearly gone now. There was even the beginning signs of fall color in places!

Eduardo and Kelly love the outdoors. In fact Eduardo proposed at Sunset Rock near downtown Chattanooga, right before the sun was setting. He had a heart of rose petals on one of the more isolated ledges and had four strings of polaroid prints hung between trees on the ledge. On each polaroid print there was a little memory from all the time they’d been dating. It was beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

smoky mountains from Cade's Cove in Townsend TN

golden rod in a field and two people walking in a field

two people walking in a field with tennessee mountain in the background in TN

two people outside in front of goldenrod and mountains

two people outside in yellow flowers in tennessee


two people outside in tall grass

cades cove trees and mountains

two people outside holding hands laughing as they walk

close up of evergreen tree. And two people smiling at camera in the woods

two people outside wearing a maxie dress and tan pants and blue shirt

engaged couple walking through a field in Townsend TN

two people dressed for engagement photos in front of mountains

two people outside dancing

smoky mountain landscape with yellow flowers in the field

two people outside laughing with each other

two people outside in front of mountains and fall foliage in TN

guy helping hold the train of girl's blue dress

girl wearing blue dress from Lulus and guy wearing white shirt and gray pants

two people outside sitting on a blanket. girl listening as the guy plays the guitar.

Eduardo even brought his guitar!

girl wearing bluedress from Lulus being kissed by guy at sunset in the smoky mountains

two people outside walking and talking about mac and cheese


two people walking on a dirt road in Tennessee

two people looking into the sunset

two people walking along the dege of a road at dusk

two people embracing at sunset in a field

two people walking at night

two people in the middle of a dirt road in TN at night looking like the belong on dancing with the stars!


Kelly got her Dress from

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