three godox speed lights sitting on a white background

We will not be afraid of Off Camera Flash

For people who say “Help I know Nothing!”

Godox off camera flash setup

Sign up for details for the next zoom call to go over setting up godox flashes to “make godox flashes go”.

This is what we will go over:

1, we’ll put them all on the same channel, 2, we’ll set one to control the other flashes. 3, we’ll set the other/OCF to slave and groups so they work when you want them to the way you want them to. Done. No, there’s no charge.

This is easily google-able stuff that could be learned by watching half a dozen youtube videos if you’re a self learner. If you like to slow it down and say “Whoa, whoa what did you do there show me differently” “I need to do it to know it” This is for you.

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