my photos dont seem clear and what can I do about it

Dear Nelya, My pictures don’t seem clear. Do you know what I can do? My photos feel like I’m looking through fog Sincerely, Struggling for clarity

My pictures don’t seem clear and what you can do about it

Lets start with a few questions. This might be an easy fix.

1, Is your lens clean

When was the last time you had your camera and lenses cleaned? Front element, back element? Is your sensor clean?
If No to any of those get them cleaned.

2, Humidity

If you are inside in nice cool air conditioned air and step out into hot humid air your lens will fog up and sometimes the back of your lens can fog up also.
Wait. It’ll adjust to the humidity as it warms up and you’ll be fine.

3, Focus mode

What are your focus settings?
A. Are you using auto selected multiple focus points?
B. A single focus point that you can toggle around to your subject?

If A, the camera is not always very smart and sometimes picks the wrong thing to focus on. In fact cameras focus best on contrasty things. They LOVE tree leaves.
If B. Great. But was your focus point over your intended subject?

4, Lenses

Has your lens been calibrated to your camera recently?
If yes, then it may just be time for a new lens! 🙂 If you don’t already have a 50mm I highly recommend you get one. You can pick up a used 50mm f/1.8 for around 100 and and that’s a deal as far as lenses go that you can produce beautiful work with it.  Later on you can save up for the ones with the red or gold rings.

I hope This helps you get to taking the kind of photos you want!

You can see here how I feel about kit lenses  in this post about my recommendations for  camera bodies and lenses to start out with.

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