Where I get Business cards now:

Right from Moo for low and high volume orders.

Where I used to get my cards:

Home printer with ink that ran when wet.

Why I like Moo cards

  • I like moo cards because they allow small orders of 50 cards
  • They allow multiple different designs on the back within one order.

This is great for people like me who are constantly changing my mind on the design for my business cards.

Unboxing of New Cards from Moo

They arrived in a cute little Moo box.

I ordered the Moo Original card stock. I was pretty happy with it. It’s got a smooth feel to it. Yay!

My favorite part! Here, on one order, I ordered three different looks for the back of the card. I could just see this working so well for say a hair salon. You could put the salon logo on the front and the back could be printed with each HMA’s name. Or different services per card. So many possibilities.

Moo sample business card pack.

Moo sent me a sample pack -after I paid them, but they did send me the samples In cute little packaging.

I really like being able to touch and feel all the textures. I decided against ordering any of the unique shaped and sized cards. Not because I think standing out is a bad idea, but because of my own OCD. I like all the cards I receive and wish to save for future reference to fit in a neat stack.

I really like the eye-catching color seams they offer. Plus the Luxe paper is so nice and thick.

I still kinda like the square moo business cards anyway. I only ordered 50 so I can put in another order soon and might just go with square!

If you want to order with a referral discount and save 20.00 off your order here you go! https://refer.moo.com/nelyagrace

The embarrassing Before cards…

Thanks to Margaux’s response to my post about the best business cards, this post happened! I was just going to post photos of the new cards I’d ordered from Moo so you could see them too. Then Margaux said in addition to seeing the new Moo cards and their design she’d really like to see the before and after.

Eek! She had no idea what she was asking. She wanted to see a little piece of my imperfect unfinished journey. And look backwards at where I’d been?? Margaux is a designer. My first reaction was no, just no. I’d then want to try to explain that even these new cards aren’t quite perfect and I was already visualizing an updated look and…

I took a deep breath and asked myself What if I did? Could it possibly help encourage someone else? I think I know the answer.

Here they are, the poor old cards that got left home more often that not because they were not perfect.

Look at the poor guy on the right, a little ride in a damp pocket on a humid Tennessee day made the ink run.

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