fall wedding

Molly and Todd’s wedding was beautiful and filled with love, laughter, traditions, and a couple of horses. Their dreamed of outdoor ceremony with a view of the river under the tall tree at Marblegate Farm became a reality in spite of lingering rain clouds!

What were you most looking forward to on your day?

The rest of our lives together!  It kinda sounds funny, and yet the importance and magnitude of marrying each other was not lost on us.  We wanted the day to be an expression of love, beauty, and joy, and we wanted people to have fun.

What inspired your wedding decor?

  I love flowers, and we both love nature. Marblegate captures the natural beauty of east Tennessee, and we really wanted to honor and allow that.  I love the rich jewel tones, sunflowers, and fall, so once we combined those, it was kind of smooth sailing. We loved our florist, Lisa Foster Floral Design, because she spoke our language, and was super helpful in understanding some of the nuances, and had created so many lovely bouquets/arrangements!  (also, remember I love flowers!)

What is your favorite feature about your wedding venue?

Overall, the set up!  I would say the trees with water views, as well as the horses.  The architecture flows with and supports the landscape.  We really loved being married outside, under the alcove of trees.

Why did you pick Marblegate Farm?

  I love the water, fields, and space.  Marblegate had space, that was actually important to us in our day – to have time and space (ie not be rushed)  it also was so peaceful.  We loved the feel of it, and the ability for guests to have freedom to explore.

Is there any particular vendor that you were really excited to have for your wedding?

Our videographer, Yugen Productions, because he was easy to chat with, understood capturing the parts of the day we might have missed, and was happy to go with the flow and work with what we wanted.

Our caterer, Bradford Catering, because their food was yummy and Mollianne was just so nice to work with! 
We had a lot of guests from out of town, and so wanted to be sure to include a traditional southern dish of fried chicken.  We also wanted the food to be plated and still be the correct temp for guests to enjoy.  Once we tasted good food, we didn’t really worry too much about it!

It was really wonderful to work with Nelya!  I am not necessarily a photo person, so the thought of taking pictures on my wedding day seemed initially like I’d only want a few.  Once my wedding day came, and Nelya was ‘in charge’ I honestly felt 100% different.  Taking our photos was one of my favorite things about our wedding day – I so enjoyed having that one on one time with my spouse.  Nelya assisted with making it carefree, easy, and enjoyable.  We naturally laughed and had fun!  She laughed too, which made for such a lovely atmosphere when you’re posing for photos.  She made sure to get photos in all of the spots that I loved, and now leaves me with the super fun task (truly) of having to decide which pictures to print – I love all of them and couldn’t almost believe they were me, they were so beautiful and captured our feelings accurately.  We are so grateful for Nelya, her presence, her desire to capture all we asked, and her ability to keep things light, fun, stress free and really enjoyable. 

Thank you to the whole creative team for making this day so special.

Venue: Marblegate Farm

Catering: Mollianne of Bradford Catering

Videographer: Yugen Productions

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Design

Makeup: Southern Sirens

DJ: Sound Revue

Cake: Cakes by Lillian

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