Melton Hill Park enchanted tunnel

Melton Hill Park Knoxville TN  Family Photos

If it wasn’t for one girl deciding to change her own oil outside her Knoxville home. There might not have been one guy totally smitten by her determination. There might not have been a wedding and I might not have had the opportunity to have met these flower girls and ring bearer!

We chose to take these family photos at Melton Hill Park in Knoxville TN. Finding the park can be a little tricky if you haven’t been there before. But GPS usually does take you there, its just that it seems like you’re driving waaaay out a  curvy county road to nowhere, just keep going a teensy bit more. It’s worth the trip.

The park has open fields and trails perfect for running! Or walking if you felt like walking, but who would when you could run?

The leaves are starting to turn shades of red on some of the three plus miles of trails.

Melton Hill Park boarders the Clinch River with water access and 2 boat ramps.

And a fishing pier, that I and most other photographers think is a perfect spot for photographs!

We ended the day along one of the trails in a beautiful little tunnel of trees!

Park: Melton Hill Park

Stylist: Their ever talented Mom

Photographer: Nelya

Season: Fall


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