Max Patch Day hike in Hot Springs, NC

Dana and Park made the trip to Max Patch from South Carolina it was a kidless date, Just the two of them. Well her camera came along too. Dana has had a passion for photography for a long time it’s just finding the time with everyday life to learn how to use it better.

You see that smile on Dana’s face it’s because she just discovered her light meter and her life will never be the same ever again!

I too, remember the day I discovered my camera’s light meter. Before that I thought shooting in manual was an evil guessing game that you just ended up with blown out white or dark under exposed photos 90% of the time.

It was Dennis Sprinkle  who showed me where the light meter was. Here on the top of Max Patch I got the opportunity to say Thank You Dennis!  in the best way possible, by passing it on to another photographer starting out.

Location: Max Patch NC




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