Indian Boundary Lake Canoe Engagement

Indian Boundary Lake Canoe Engagement

They share a mutual love for the Hiwassee river and have spent a lot of time there together.
Peyton had always said she wanted to get married on the river but there hadn’t been a place on the river to have a wedding like she’d imagined. Then one day she saw a new follower on Instagram. As soon as she realized that it was a wedding venue along the river she said that she had to get married there! Hiwassee River Weddings was the first wedding venue they visited. Collin loved the venue  just as much as she did!

Collin and Peyton have a River inspired wedding planned, so meeting at the Indian Boundary Lake recreation area was the perfect location for a water and outdoors appeal…
And that’s precisely where we started their engagement session. The overcast afternoon was brightened by their beautiful personalities and I have no doubt their wedding will be nothing short of amazing.

Partway through the sunshine peeked out from the clouds and poured golden light all over them!

I love Indian Boundary for engagement photos. It has an outdoors charm uniquely its own…

As the sun set the wind died down and we had perfectly still water with glass-like reflection.

I can’t wait for their wedding next year at Hiwassee River Weddings!

I’ll end this session on this happy note.




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  1. loooove this scenery! Beautiful place for pictures! And you captured it so well 🙂

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