sunflower maze at Huntsville botanical kids garden

Huntsville Botanical Gardens Visit

This place is the perfect place to go if you have small kids (or kids at heart)! The Huntsville Botanical Gardens is beautiful and they haven’t even finished up the construction of new areas! All the staff was friendly and pleasant and were understanding  that kids like to climb and touch things. Also It is a gorgeous wedding venue location if you want something with a lot of nature yet close to Huntsville.

No visit to the botanical garden is complete until you have checked on Thomas the train! Little feet start running faster up the path as they hear the whistle and smiles just break out all across their faces when they get there!

It’s a whole toy train village set up outside. The trains are sorta middle sized, definitely not the super tiny kind.

If you stand up on the benches you get a better view.

The gardens are filled with paths, pools and all sorts of adventures.

The wishing well was way more fun that I’d ever imagined! Thanks to Gramma

This photo is one of my favorites, it just makes me smile and kinda sums up how awesome Grammas are, how sitting still for no purpose in a toddler’s mind is pointless, and how pretty the light was in the Three Bears Garden!

Builders of tomorrow!

I think this is some piece of a rocket and is now a perfect little house to build with blocks inside it.

This outfit courtesy of a late night Target run from the dollar goodies in the front! If you need a bow tie and a cute hat you may find what you need right at Target 🙂

The Sunflower maze is about the most perfect kind of maze for a 3 year old you can get! All the “leaves” are hinged so you can create your own maze! And nobody gets lost! 🙂

And that is all for now for this chapter of A Day in the Life of Toddlers. Chasing cute kids at a garden is probably one of the most fun forms of exercise I’ve participated in!

P. S. I’m thinking the first week in April will be absolutely gorgeous with even more trees and plants in bloom!

Venue: Huntsville Botanical Gardens


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