One day you look at your photos and it looks like a dirty wind shield! Whoa, dirty sensor, now what? Many people with mirrorless cameras find they have dirty sensors. I made this post to share how I clean my sensor when I don’t have time to take it to the camera shop to have it professionally cleaned.

What I use:

Cleaning swabs

Full frame cameras are listed as 24mm swabs.

Cleaning fluid

The Loupe

This is so handy to really see dust specs on your sensor when cleaning it.

How to clean your sensor

In the camera menu, Navigate to clean sensor or cleaning mode. Click it. It’ll vibrate the sensor and dislodge loose particles. Once it’s done it’ll lock the sensor from moving and is ready for manual cleaning. If your sensor looks good with just the vibrating, then you’re all set. If not, see below.

gently place a corner of the swab and tip the cleaning fluid at the same time to get a small amount on the swab. Repeat on other corner of swab. let it soak in to completely cover the flat edge of the swab. It doesn’t need to be super wet, just damp.

Start from one edge. One sweeping motion. Flip over and sweep again if necessary. Do not re-sweep. Just get another swab if necessary.

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