What to bring and how to change your name in Chattanooga after you get married

I was asked to add a blog post on how to change your name after marriage. I asked my friend Samantha if she could tell us about her experience as she recently got married and shared some tips.

What to bring with you

  • your drivers license
  • your marriage certificate
  • your Social Security Number
  • two pieces of mail if you are changing your address as well.
  • birth certificate
When you start to change your name after you are married, you will need your license and your marriage certificate. Some people may ask you for your Social Security Number as well.
You will need to go to the nearest Social Security office to fill out a form. Your social security number will stay the same throughout your life, but you will need to change the name that’s attached to your social security number. You will need your marriage license and previous social security card, undoubtedly.
Next, you will want to go to the DMV to have your name changed on your license. You will want your marriage certificate and your previous license. They will want to retake your picture! I did not know they would. 
The first priority is Facebook, obvi! Lol. They may have you send them a picture of your marriage license, or they may be really testy about it. It felt sketchy to send them a legal document, but they changed my name immediately after I sent it.

Some other things to think about changing are:

  • bank account,
  • mortgage,
  • credit cards,
  • work and your work’s legal documents.
Also, there is a difference if you are getting all of this changed after you moved…
In all of the above, I would bring with you a kind of “kit” (if you will) of your
  • birth certificate
  • social security card
  • driver’s license
  • two pieces of mail if you are changing your address as well.

Samantha is a designer and the owner of a Branding and design company that does Website Design | Ad Design | Print Design in the Chattanooga area.

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