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How to become a second shooter when you have no experience.

You’ve heard second shooting is a good way to gain wedding experience. But Where do you start when no photographers even know you?

Here are a few tips for getting started.

➡️ Join local second shooter groups

You can find many on Facebook. Some are regional, some are worldwide. Some photographers do not allow you to use the images you take while working with them. Some do.

➡️Go to in person photographer groups

Local Tuesdays together groups usually have lots of photographers. You won’t likely get a second shooting gig by showing up once. But you will be putting faces to names. 


➡️ Be available at a moments notice.

Keep spare charged batteries in your camera bag at all times.

➡️Keep your website up to date with only your very best work.

Ruthlessly cull that portfolio.

➡️Clear all unprofessional posts off your social media

Yes, even whats only visible to friends. You never know who else a photographer might be friends with. First impressions are real.

➡️If you cold contact an established photographer…

Instead of asking them to hire you to second shoot. Consider offering to assist, carry bags, hold reflectors, shoot B.T.S. footage of them working. Avoid saying you are trying to build your portfolio right off. Because many will only hear that you want them to pay you to train YOU. 


➡️ Things that don’t cost any money:

Follow and cheer them on regularly on social media long before you ever get an opportunity to work with them. Send them some referrals. They’ll notice. Maybe not at first, but if it’s done without expecting anything in return good things will come of it over time.

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