children dressed for hockey themed family photos at Knoxville Civic Coliseum

The theme was Hockey Holidays.

The plan was photos on the ice in skates. So that is just what we did, went to the rink! With skates!! Right in Knoxville TN.

Margaux and Josh, thank you for coming up with the most fun, and different, and wonderful, and crazy, and chaotic, and unplanned, and perfectly imperfect hockey family photos! Because real is awesome. You made me feel like the luckiest photographer to document your family and I’m happy to call you friends.
I can’t wait to see where your hockey family adventure takes you guys!
Much Love, Nelya

I could blame the pile of snow the Zamboni left for distracting these guys, and maybe it did a little. But the lighting was just perfect at that moment so we had to.

Like any weddingday where I start with detail photos, I started with a photo of their skates, actually the whole family of skates! ????????

Not much makes the hockey coach in me happier than seeing a good stride on a hockey player! Deep knee bend and full leg extension, ❤ my heart is happy!!❤

(If you draw a line from the far shoulder all the way down the extended leg to the toe, and that line is straight you’re doing it right).

Yes, they both have “hockey teeth” going on, one is missing a bottom tooth and one is missing top teeth!! I love that age!

Moments like these…

Many of you may remember a defenceman wearing the Brad Pawlowski #5 from the Knoxville Ice Bears All Time Roster Playing right here at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum…

You can see their Last year fall family photos we did at Cade’s Cove. You can see how much they’ve grown already!

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