What are the best clear umbrellas for rainy wedding photos?

I prefer the wider clear umbrellas over the bubble umbrellas because they tend to keep the couple covered just a bit more. A bubble umbrella will work just fine too. You’ll need to stay real close together.

Clear umbrellas vs. colored umbrellas

The benefits from getting clear umbrellas for your bridal party is it can give you the option for group photos without adding shadows from the umbrellas and without adding colors that don’t go with your wedding colors. Even if it doesn’t rain you can use the clear umbrellas for a fun photo prop.

Clear umbrellas are also fun for a rainy engagement session.

Where to buy Clear Umbrellas

You can stop in at most Target stores and find the bubble umbrellas. Or you can get them at the links below.

When you buy from these links they help me run this blog with a small commission on sales. Thank you!

Do you need a clear umbrella for rainy night photos?

Nope. Not at all. Depending how you light it. I prefer solid colors over wild distracting patterns. Plus, some of the solid colored umbrellas are available in larger sizes and great for the heavy rain storms.

In this photo we had a surprise rain shower that lasted all of 5 minutes and was gone as quickly as it came.

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  1. Clear umbrellas have saved MANY wedding days for me! Such a necessary item!

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