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Editing Sony raw files

In my first post about Sony I was struggling with matching Sony and Nikon files. I was learning how to use a new camera right in the busy wedding season. So here we are with my Sony review part II.


My favorite part about Sony A7iii mirrorless camera is how good it is with focus!

Here I am breaking the rules, or at least playing close to the line shooting at f/3.2. And everyone is still in focus!



Sony and Nikon files edited together

Left is the .NEF nikon file and right is the .ARW Sony file edited to match pretty well.

Aside from the waaaay under exposing that was going on with the Nikon camera, the major adjustments I have are white balance  and adding some split toning.

This isn’t an exact science because I think Sony and Nikon kelvin numbers come up in LR differently even if you shoot with both cameras set to Kelvin 5500.

I’m a huge fan of shooting in kelvin. I don’t know, it just seems to keep things consistent in post. Auto W/B will measure the color for every shot. And while that sounds good, it isn’t if you have a flickering incandescent bulb in on corner that on a 10 count keeps putting out  a little bit of purple cast or something. Here, my kelvin was off from being outside. you can see I had to cool the temperature way down.

Its pretty good for recovering from underexposure too.

Random other Sony questions:

How’s the battery life?

A Sony battery lasts me 7 hrs. The knockoffs don’t last half as long

What lenses should I get for Sony?

Simplest way to start is just grab the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 there’s only one, its full frame and can be picked up used for a pretty good deal in the Sony Camera Buy & Sell Group (No Trades) group regularly if you keep an  eye out.

What about OCF?

I was pleasantly surprised to find out I can use all my Nikon version Godox off camera flash
that I already own with Sony!! I just needed to get a Sony version Godox controller to go on my camera, or a Sony version Godox flash that has a built in controller.
So either the X2T controller  or the X Pro Controller
Then if you want a flash on camera that can control your off camera flashes there’s The “get ‘er done model”, TT685s or something nicer, the V1 Round head.

Do you have and complaints?

  • Ergonomics are not great. I’d like the shutter button be moved to the front of the camera like it is on Canon (I know, and I came from Nikon and have been semi suffering with this foreva) so it’s not putting such strain my index finger to bend unnaturally to run the shutter.
  • Maybe raise the focus button a bit so its easier to feel back there when I’m in a hurry.
  • The focus is so darn good culling is so hard, cause they’re all perfect and I have to choose! 🙂
  • The embedded jpeg in the raw file is so tiny I cannot zoom in to to 100% in photo mechanic to check for focus. Super stupid on Sony’s part and easily fixable. C’mon Sony!


If you have any questions for my next post leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think.

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