Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Chattanooga, and East Tennessee

A guide to finding the best Chattanooga wedding videographers, how to choose them and what to look out for.

Chattanooga Wedding Videographers

Jamison Ashley Films | Wedding Videographer serving Chattanooga | North Georgia

Directed By Jonathan

Directed By Jonathan | Wedding Videographer serving Chattanooga | North Georgia

VE Videography

VE Videography | Chattanooga

Gavin Stewart Films

Gavin Stewart Films | Chattanooga | Destination across the country

Foxy Creations

Foxy Creations | Chattanooga

Knoxville Wedding Videographers

A Morolo Film

Morolo Films | Hollywood trained Wedding Videographers serving Chattanooga | Knoxville TN | South Carolina

Skylar Ball

Skylar Ball | Knoxville TN

Jake Schik

Jake Schik Productions | Knoxville TN

Milestone Pictures

Milestone Pictures | Knoxville TN

Rellek Films

Rellek Films | Knoxville TN

What should I look for in a wedding videographer in chattanooga?


There should be a story. When you look through a videographer’s portfolio you should enjoy their work even when you don’t know the couple.


Audio is the number one differentiator from amateur to professional. Bad picture can be forgiven, but bad audio makes the story difficult to follow.

Style and Color

Videographers are like any artist creating art, it’s all different. So it’s important to make sure their style aligns with your wedding vision, to actually like their style enough that 20 years from now you will still like it. Another thing to consider is does their coloring of their video go with your wedding photography? Will it look like it was the same day? Are their skintones green in their editing?

How much should a good wedding videographer in Chattanooga cost?

On average an experienced skilled videography team will start around 3000 and go up from there.

Do brides regret not having a videographer?

It’s one of the most common things couples mention regretting. My favorite story was from a couple who thought they’d save money on videography by passing a video camera around between the guests to get a whole story from their perspective. It started out shaky and shortly someone just set it face down on the table and the rest of it was black, nothing for the rest of the night. So in the end ended up with nothing. She still tells me about that mistake when ever I mention wedding videography.

Do I need a wedding videographer?

It’s really a personal decision. If Videography is super important to you, then yes absolutely!

How to be a wedding videographer

Attend weddings to be familiar with all that goes on at a wedding.


Get some basic gear and PRACTICE on unimportant events to get comfortable with your gear. Use your dog, your friends, and their friends to start practicing with.

Build a portfolio

Start building your portfolio while being very clear you have no experience.

CreativeLive has a beginner class on how to make a wedding Video, B and H Photo also has a few tips on How to be a wedding videographer too.

Get Experience

Work as an assistant assistant under an experienced videographer just to see how a well run job is done.

Join Wedding Videographer groups in Chattanooga

In Chattanooga, there are videographers groups. Join them. On occasion, they are looking for help. This is where your opportunity shows up!

Price yourself to stay in business

Wedding Videography is a tough industry. It’s so much work to do it well, and it’s often under valued by a percentage of couples. Some videographers will stay in a low price point doubting their work and getting paid less than minimum wage. Don’t stay there! See below for the next steps.

Get Coaching

Get coaching in wedding Videography from someone very experienced in the industry like Ray Roman Coaching He offers film reviews, coaching and online mentorships.

Locally jamisonashleyfilms offers Chattanooga wedding videographers workshops on video lighting and story pre-planning. There are others teaching wedding videography

Get a Website

Yes, when you get serious about your business you will need a website. By paying for a website It instills a level of trust that you’ll be still in business by the time your client’s wedding happens. And you’re still online even if social media platforms go down/deleted/locked out.

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?

If this post already helped you find an experienced Wedding Videographer, the next step is to find a wedding photographer you can trust to get your vision for your day.

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