engaged couple walking at sunset in Cade's Cove TN

Cades Cove Smoky Mountain Engagement Mink + Eric

They’d met through mutual friends.
Eric invited Mink to his house for dinner, he didn’t think she’d accept. She did!
Eric’s room mates did not see the gravity of the situation. They nonchalantly chatted with Eric as he frantically cleaned and prepared dinner. Mink gave the address to her dad just to be on the safe side. Even if Eric’s friends were friends with her friends… She was going to his house. That one dinner with roommates led to dinners and conversation with just the two of them. They found their differences made them stronger together.

Eric planned a weekend getaway and reserved Dogwood cabin in Gatlinburg.

After their arrival, while she was unpacking Eric approached her with his hands clasped together implying he’d caught a bug. He said he wanted to show her and that he thought she’d “like” this one. She backed away, being terrified of bugs. As he came closer he dropped to one knee and opened his hands. Inside was the most beautiful engagement ring she’d ever seen!   Mink and Eric are marrying among their friends and family in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I met Mink though hockey.

Shortly after moving to Tennessee I met Mink at a hockey tournament in Alabama of all places! It was one of those tournaments where you walk in the locker room and meet your teammates for the first time then go out and play. It was a group of girls from all over the southeast. There were players from Pensacola, Atlanta, Nashville, West Virginia, Huntsville and Cincinnati. That group was one of the most fun teams I’d ever played on, pretty good hockey and really great people! Seeing her yesterday brought back some really great memories!

I am so darn excited for Mink and Eric!!!

She called her parents right away. Then called me.

Immediately after telling her parents, Mink contacted me and excitedly told me she needed engagement photos and was I available while they were in town  As luck would have it I was free the very next day! We went to Cade’s cove The other plus about Cades cove at this time of year is it’s not that crowded.



I can not even choose a favorite photo of these two! Their love for each other was self evident.

The water level was way down in the creek at Tremont due to the low rainfall during the summer and fall so we were able to walk right out to the perfect spot where the sunlight was reflecting on the surface of the water!

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