18" sparklers at best wedding sparkler exit

What’s the best size for wedding sparklers?

18″ or 20″ work great for an average sized wedding. They burn for a minute and a half and give plenty of time for wedding sparkler photos.

The 36″ sparklers burn for about 3 minutes and are great for larger weddings. They’re also great for sparkler writing if your photographer is up for doing something creative at the end of the night!

What are the best kind of sparklers to get?

  • The low smoke gold wedding sparklers are best.
  • They burn with a pretty sparkle to them and don’t give off a crazy amount of smoke.
  • You only need to light them once
  • Guests only need to hold one sparkler
  • There’s a long handle to hold.
  • I am not a fan of the colored kind  that burn rapidly and smoke like crazy.

3 Tips for better wedding sparkler exit photos

  1. Get 18-36″ long sparklers
  2. Get the gold wedding sparklers, not the kind coated with weird coloring
  3. Get Low Smoke sparklers

Buy Your Wedding Sparklers

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Sparkler exits gone wrong

If you really want to scare yourself about sparkler exits going wrong you can read about the bad sparklers flash burning this photographer’s hand in North Carolina. I actually saw these same short colored sparklers  all burst into flames in a wedding planner’s hands once. Luckily she was able to drop them and nobody got hurt.

Be present on your wedding day and I’ll capture the once in a life time moments.

See the photography experience

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