200mm 2.0 vs 70-200mm 2.8

3 thoughts about the 200mm vs 70-200mm is dedicated to Artur who asked what my thoughts were on these two lenses.

3  thoughts on the  200mm 2.0

  • gorgeous compression at that focal length
  • it’s heavy
  • its a good chunk of change

200mm is  great focal length for portraits. And for sports.
…IF that works with your shooting style. I’m a talker, I like being closer to my subjects and able give them verbal feedback throughout the whole shoot.  I like to run in to adjust a stray hair or act as a mirror for them demonstrating a pose or action. If I was 200mm away I’d be getting more exercise running back and forth than I already do when I shoot!
Its heavy.
Having arms of linguine, I am always considering weight. I chose one macro lens vs another over 4oz! I can imagine I’d leave it at home more often than not, just because I’d make a zillion excuses why I won’t need it that day.
It’s a lot for a lens I don’t see myself using more than 30min at most per wedding.

3  thoughts on the 70-200mm 2.8

    • is great for wedding ceremonies.
    • good for Sports.
    • good for portraits

Great for wedding ceremonies, especially if there is limited access. Or those super emotional moments of the parents across the aisle or the adorable toddler throwing rose petals at her favorite uncle…

Sports. Say you’re photographing a hockey game, you can be capturing the play way down at the other end at 200mm and then as the play comes back towards you maybe find yourself adjusting to 70mm. All without needing to move from that perfect scratch and smudge free spot on the glass you’ve located.

So which one is better?

The 70-200mm is more versatile being a zoom but doesn’t let in as much light.
200mm my guess there will be multiple times you’ll want to frame something differently, need to back up just a little bit more than you have room to. …But the images will be beautiful.

My suggestion to anyone considering the 70-200mm 2.8 or  200mm 2.0 is rent it. Try it out! See what its like in your hands. See which one fits your shooting style. If you are happy moving around constantly for framing your subject then the prime might be your happy place. If you like to find your spot and not have to move as much the zoom might be your happy place.

If I was photographing portraits, had lots of room around me and had only those two lenses to work with I’d probably grab the prime and open it up to 2.0 or 2.5 just because I could!

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