3 things to avoid when hiring a videographer

avoid a videographer who

  • doesn’t like weddings
  • doesn’t like working around photographers
  • has a portfolio you just don’t like

If you answered yes to any of these you might want to keep looking for a videographer!

What  DO you want to look for then?

Glad you asked! After telling you about things to avoid when hiring a videographer we need some info on what to look for right?

Chattanooga Videographer Directed by Jonathan


First, the videographer’s style is so important! Find a videographer with a style you love. You should love their past wedding videos. There are so many talented wedding videographers with different styles so watch a few of their films to see if you love them!


Second, you should focus on the personality of the videographer. You are trusting the videography team to capture your wedding, so you want to connect with them personally. Hire someone who will make you feel comfortable and will be enjoyable to have around on your big day.


Third, and arguably one of the most important aspects of a strong videographer is audio. You should find a videographer who captures clear and good audio. So many of the important emotion from your wedding are in your vows, personal letters, words spoken by the officiant, and toasts by your friends and family. Hire a team that has high-quality audio in their films.


Can they work in the lighting conditions at your venue and still produce the work you see in their portfolio. What if it’s fall and gets dark before the ceremony ends, Will the whole reception part of the video just be meh, or do they have lighting to bring their own magic no matter what the day brings.


Fourth, is reviews. See what other vendors and couples have said after working with them. Reviews are a good way to see if they did what they said they’d do when they said they’d do it. My favorite way is to ask an assortment of venue owners, planners, photographers, and past couples.


Find out when you can expect your wedding video. Turn around time varies. But in general editing video well takes a lot of time.


Finally, choose the videographer with a style that suits you and at a price that you are comfortable with. Investing in wedding videography is something you will cherish for your entire life! The flowers are gorgeous and your food is delicious, but the only thing you’ll get to take away from your wedding day (other than your awesome marriage of course!) are your photos, videos, and amazing memories. The day might end, but the memories will last forever captured in a timeless wedding film.

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