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Here are my 3 favorite articles for better focus in dark venues that I find myself sharing with photographers a lot.

Focus better in dark receptions

Have you ever been at that reception and its already dark, then they turn the lights down even lower? Yes, sure you’ve got your off camera lights set up, but you need to focus before you fire the flash. So what do you do? Read this awesome post from Amy and Jordan! It will help you tons. I promise!

How to get better focus in dark wedding receptions

Better focus for large groups

Have you ever taken a group photo only to find out later that some of the people aren’t in focus? Yes, it’s happened to all of us at some point. Then we want to quit or throw out all our lenses, or blame the camera. Don’t throw it out just yet, read this first from Amy and Jordan!

How to get sharp focus on group photos

Bad light and no windows, What do you do?

We’ve all been there, we walk in the room and the walls are orange, the lights are dim, and there’s not a single window. You immediately think it’s the venue’s fault that your photos won’t look good. Nope! If the ambient light isn’t working, cut it out. Justin and Mary have put together this great little list of tips on using lights to photograph details what you want in any room!

How to shoot bright details in any room -even when the light is awful! 


I hope this helps you too!!

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