Ari and Horace | Thunderstorm engagement

We had plans to do this session in the spring before it got hot outside. In spite of covid rescheduling we still ended up with a set of lovely and fun spring -like photos!

How it all started

They met while in the service, on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman. At the time, Ari had just gotten stationed there a couple months before. Horace was a cook, and Ari got sent to work in the kitchen— called the “galley”. All newbies had to do time there. Extra time in the galley often was because you got into trouble or because your mouth got out ahead of you. As time went on, Ari spent more time in the Galley.

One day she was up on a ladder spraying a huge sink full of dishes when Horace came in with an urgent demand for additional dishes to be washed.
She let him know exactly how she felt about that in no uncertain terms.
He admired her open communication and was immediately smitten.

Years later their paths crossed again. As it turns out, the mouth that got her into the Galley is also what started their next chapter in life together.

This summer engagement session was fun, and challenging. The weather changed rapidly on us. For a brief moment we even had a rainbow! We were all hoping for some kind of dramatic weather for the end, and I think we got that and then some. You’ll want to scroll to the end to see some of my favorites.

This is when the day got a little crazy! We had a killer sunset, rain, and heat lightning. I think it was worth it

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