Bailey + Drew

Bailey + Drew

A Whitestone Inn Winter Wedding

Bailey and Drew are married!
They celebrated their wedding at Whitestone Country Inn in Kingston TN.
It was a week that was forecast to be just rain, but we got lucky on Saturday! We ended up having overcast skies and not a drop of rain.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the First Look at the gazebo in the woods. They had not originally planned to have a first look, but with it being a winter wedding, with their ceremony time later in the day, the first look allowed them to have bride and groom portraits during the best light of the day. I’m so happy they did!

My second favorite part was Drew’s speech about their  date going whitewater rafting. Everyone said Are you sure? The water is really low. They went anyway, optimistically believing it would be great. The water was low. Really low, unfloatable kind of low. They ended up dragging a raft nearly 5 miles down the river. There was no cell service, to call for a ride. So there they were, dragging a raft with a dog and a small child down this river bed all day. When they finally came around a corner and saw their car they were never so happy in their lives!

He summed it up saying life is like that, you go into marriage amidst all sorts of warnings thinking it’ll just be smooth sailing. Then sometimes you find yourself dragging a raft for nearly 5 miles, and that’s life. But when you embrace it together it’s a great adventure!

Drew and Bailey, I have loved getting to know you, your families and your friends throughout this process.
I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your day!!! I hope you enjoy reliving your day through your blog post! It was such an honor to be trusted as your photographer!

white wedding shoes and a blue and gold pin on a white background

large earrings on a velvet blue bag

lacedetails on a veil. And wedding dress hanging in a bedroom.

pink and fusha rose and Dahlia bouqust from Lisa Foster floral and design in Knoxville TN

bride receiving a Chanel box as a gift on her wedding day. And bride and Bride's maids in floral robes sitting on a bed

Flower girl smiling in a lavendar dress. And child's hands holding a heart shaped necklace

small child looking up at a wedding dress hanging above a bed

bride putting in her earring near a window.

bride and her bride's maids around her in front of a large window.

a white envelope with a card and gift inside it. And a bride reading a letterfrom her groom.

woman's hands holding a rock from whitewater rafting in Tennessee.

bride standing in front of a window reading a letter from her fiance on her wedding day.

a vintage compas on a blue bag. And a bride smiling at the camera.

a maan's hands adjusting his watch on his wrist.. And a groom reaching up to straighten hiw bowtie.

groom wearing a black suit waiting outside at a gazebo.

Groom standing with his back to his bride before seeing her.

groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time. and bride's reaction to seeing her groom for the first time on their wedding day.

groom and bride outside near the second gazebo at Whitestone Country inn in kningston TN

groom wiping tears from his eyes as her looks at his bride on their wedding day.

wedding couple outside with pink and dark red flowers.

Bride and groom walking out of the gazebo at Witestone country inn near knoxville TN

bride and bridesmaids outside standing near pine trees wearing wine colored dresses.

winter tennessee wedding at Whitestone Inn with bridal party on the heart shaped stone patio

the whote stone memorial at Whitestone Inn. And grooms men walking with their hands in their pockets.

This white stone is the memorial to Paul Cowell, the founder of Whitestone Inn.

flower girl holding the bride's hand and looking up at the bride.. And wedding party in front of the chapel at Whitestone Inn.

Whitestone country inn in Kingston TN in Fabruary

Whitestone Country Inn has been featured in Southern living.

bride and groom with whitestone inn farm house in the background

Whitestone inn farm house venue with a bride and groom in front.

red and pink wedding bouquet made by lisa foster floral design. And wedding couple wearing off the shoulder white wedding dress and a black suit.

groomsmen outside of the church at Whitestone country Inn wearing black suits and pink bowties

bridesmaids outside at February winter wedding in Kingston TN. And bride and groom walking up white stairs.

wedding party in maroon, white and black outside of the Chapel at Whitestone Inn near Knoxville.

bridesmaids and bride wearing burgundy dresses and flower girl in white fur jacket.

large red and pink rose bouquet. And smiling flower girl in front of wedding couple

bride looking back at her flower girl in a cute white fur coat holding up her train.

adorable flower girl and bride looking down at flower girls outside on the stone patio at Whitestone inn.

bride in a cathedral length veil smiling at her groom

the white church at Whitestone inn, in Kingston TN. And bold shades of pink flowers.

interior of Whitestone chapel. And a single rose on a church pew.

guest signing a guest book. And a violinist playing music for wedding ceremony.

flower girl tossing flower petals at the chapel at Whitestone inn.

bride and her dad walking into the church at Whitestone inn. And groom seeing her walk in.

black and white photos of bride walking down the aisle seeing her groom. And groom looking at his bride walk up to him at the wedding ceremony.

wedding ceremony inside of the chapel at Whitestone Inn.

indoor church wedding ceremony at Whitestone inn's chapel.

brideand groom dancing back down the aisle as a just married couple.

They danced down the aisle and then stopped to sing Rocky Top with their guests.

bride and broom in the middle of the aisle singing Rockytop at their wedding ceremony.

once horse and white carriage with the tennessee river in the background

bride with cathedral length veil blowing in the wind and groom in a black suit at Whitestone inn with the horse and carriage.

wedding couple on fron steps at Whitestone country Inn, a southern living manor.

monogramed cookies. And long tablewith greenery center runner at Whitestone Inn.

the porch dining area at Whitestone Inn.

wall decor at Whitestone inn. And long table with white table cloth and greenery and roses center piece.

signal mountain cookie lady cookies and a wooden framed wedding sign.

wedding couple dancing in the living room at Whitestone Inn in Kingston TN. And wine glasses with white wine.

bride with white fur stole and updoinside Whitestone inn.

people watching violinist play and bride and groom dance inside the farm house at Whitestone inn.

bride and gromm inside at Whitestone inn laughing.

bride and groom on front steps at Whitestone Inn at night.

We ran outside for for my favorite part during the reception -a couple of nighttime photos! We loved the  the Farm house so much we decided to do photos right in front of the Farm house.

wedding couple outside at night in front of Whitestone inn.

groom dipping his bride waay back for a kiss on the porch at Whitestone Inn in Kingston TN.

These photos were created with a few speed lights. If you’re interested in that you can read more about the nerdy gear head stuff I use, in this post

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Special Thanks to the creative team that made this day so special

Ceremony Venue: The Chapel at Whitestone Country Inn

Reception Venue: The farmhouse at Whitestone Country Inn

Catering: Whitestone Inn

Florist: Lisa Foster Floral & Design

Coordinating: Tonia at Whitestone country inn

Videographer: Rellek Films

Favors: Signal Mountain Cookie Lady

Dress: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen attire: Menswarehouse

Photographer: Nelya


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