Sunset Rock Engagement | Kaitlyn + Peyton

Sunset Rock Engagement | Kaitlyn + Peyton

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Sunset Rock and Walnut Street Engagement

Peyton first caught Kaitlyn’s eye in high school. She was sure he was too cool to even notice her. He asked her dad first, and then asked her to the prom and the rest is history.

UTC in Chattanooga is where they both went to college. So this city is extra special to them. When I asked Kaitlyn where she’d like to have her engagement photos, she said either Sunset Rock or Coolidge park. In the end we just decided to do both. And then we decided to got to Sunset Rock at sunrise!!! Then we went to Coolidge Park so early in the morning that beautiful blue Walnut street bridge was empty!

Thankfully we had the most amazing day for their shoot! It was nearly 70 degrees by the time the sun was up.

I loved every second of the time with Kaitlyn and Peyton! They were willing to do whatever I random things I suggested for photos. Their love for adventure and the outdoors made getting up so darn early to be at Sunset rock for sunrise completely worth it.

If you think Kaitlyn is gorgeous in these images, just want until you see her as a bride! I can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress! Their wedding going to be amazing!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their session.

couple watching the sun rise from sunset rock on look out mountain in Chattanooga TN

girl in black pea coat and guy in plaid shirt with mountains of middle tennessee in th background/ and couple walking on trail at sunset rock

view of Sunset Rock in the morning with a couple sitting way on the top

This view of Sunset Rock is my favorite.

two people walking across sunset rock at sunrise in Chattanooga TN

 Sunset Rock Engagement at sunrise in October

watching the sun rise from sunset Rock in Chattanooga TN

engaged couple sitting outside at sunrise on Sunset Rock in Chattanooga TN

engaged couple laughing and sitting on uncomfortable rocks during a hazy morning in Chattanooga TN

close up of lavendar with a bee on it. And a couple outside on Sunset rock

girl in guys arms laughing while he tells her about his favorite foods

two people sitting on Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain in the fall

guy in maroon plaid shirt looking at his fiance in a white chunky sweater

the walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga TN empty except one couple right in the middle

Getting up early had its other benefits. We got the whole Walnut Street Bridge to ourselves!!

couple smiling at the camera in fall themed outfits of maroon and white in chattanooga TN

blue walnut Street bridge in chattanooga TN. And two people walking and laughing on the Walnut Street Bridge.

An engaged couple stopping for a kiss on the glass walking bridge to Hunter museum in Chattanooga TN

close up of hands with an engagement ring. And a guy in a maroon sweatshirt and girl on chite floral sundress in chattanooga TN

engaged couple smiling and telling each other jokes with the Blue Chattanooga Walnut Street bridge in the background

Close up of a red leafed shrub near Walnut Street in Chattanooga . And Acouple sitting on some steps in the sunshine

guy dipping his fiance for a kiss in the middle of the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga TN

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